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In your basket, enter your billing details: Name, address, email, etc. Then, select the Interac e-Transfer (EMT) option and place the order.

By doing that, you’ll receive an email. This email could land in your junk mails.

That email will provide you with the email and the answer for your secret question to use for the interac transfer. You must use that answer so we can accept the transfer. If the answer doesn’t match the one provided, the order won’t be prepared and deemed void.

Please note that the collection time can differ according to our availability at the time of your transfer.

It is also possible that your interac transfer is automatically accepted by our financial institution without that secret answer.

For the sake of targeting orders, please send us the exact sum of the order. No rounding.

Finally, you’ll receive another email confirming that your order is paid.

Processing Times

Orders are processed only on working days. On Saturdays and Sundays, as well as holidays, orders are not processed.

All orders are normally processed within 24 hours.

Canada Posts

Estimated shipping times are affected by a number of factors, including but not limited to:

  • Your choice of delivery service (standard shipping, Xpresspost, etc.)
  • Your location (all orders are shipped from Montreal, Quebec, Canada)
  • The day of the order
  • Weather situation

Once your order has been processed, the postal service will provide you with an estimated shipping date. As this is an estimate, the check-in date may vary.

* Please note that Taste it! itself does not provide delivery services and depends on our email partners. For example, you can check the estimated Canada Post delivery times below:


Sometimes, it may happen that Canada Post or another carrier misplaces your package during delivery. This is why Taste it! has an insurance system that guarantees you a refund in the event of loss during the transit of your package.

How it works ? :
For any purchase on our site, we guarantee you, automatically, transparently and free of charge, an insurance equivalent to 100 dollars. You have nothing to do.
In case your purchase exceeds 100 dollars, you can contribute with a surplus via this page. Insurance works in stages, choose the one that corresponds to your purchase volume.

In which case can I be reimbursed? :
When placing your order, if all the information relating to your geographical location is correct, then you are eligible for refunds for your order.

Will I be reimbursed in cash? :
Depending on the case (method of payment, etc.), we will refund your balance directly to your bank account, or you also have the option of being reimbursed through the allocation of a voucher via your Taste it! account.

In which case can I not benefit from this insurance? :
When your personal information about your location is incorrect.

Precisely, during the processing of your order, Taste it! does not intervene manually in the taking of your postal information. The process being automated, you must ensure that your postal addresses are correct before any purchase.