Menthol by Art of Flavor


Embrace the cooling embrace of Menthol by Art of Flavor and discover the true essence of refreshment and clarity with every vape.

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🍃 Description: Experience an invigorating and cool sensation with the Menthol aroma from Art of Flavor. This essence provides a refreshing burst, capturing the essence of pure, crystalline menthol for an unparalleled taste journey.

❄️ Chilling Sensation: Dive into a world where each puff cools and refreshes, taking you to frosty mountain peaks and offering a soothing sensation unmatched by other flavors.

🌟 Potential Best Seller: Building its reputation for its unique and pure taste, Menthol is poised to be a distinguished presence in the Art of Flavor lineup. Its distinctive cooling profile and clarity make it a prime candidate to be a future favorite.

🧪 Dilution Ratio: For the best experience, we recommend a dilution of around 10% in a 50PG/50VG base.

Comes in 30mL Chubby Bootle.

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